Struggles of the Mind

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How to identify and pull down strongholds

Pulling Down Strong

Today I would like to briefly touch on the subject of strongholds, through out this article I will  explain what strongholds are , how you can identify them and lastly I will guide you in a proven way of pulling them down.

Many people struggle on a daily basis with attitudes and emotions that they have absolutely no control over or feel powerless when facing these life issues. Does this sound like something you experience? Then you have what is known as a stronghold, no need to get scared about it, many people even Christians faces this very issues in many areas of their life.

What are strongholds?

The Oxford Dictionary describes Stronghold as “1: a place that has been fortified against attack. 2: a place of strong support for a cause or political party”.

In lay man terms strongholds are basically thought patterns that over a period of time has become so engraved in your soul(you mind) that they become part of you, like molten iron poured in a cast, it solidifies to form a permanent shape. Same way your thought patterns determines who you really become. Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” This thought become so establish in you that it has the power to resist any thing that is contrary to it and it seeks more and more to fortified itself against any form of attack.

How can you identify a stronghold in your life?

The process of identifying strongholds in one’s life may range from easy to very difficult since strongholds at their optimum has already engraved itself in your mind , thoughts and way of life, they have become you!. There are hundreds of strongholds which can exist in people life’s e.g. greed, lust, stealing, fear, low self worth, lying, unbelief, ungodly thoughts and many more.

Strongholds can be identify by their destructive habits; you end up doing things that you yourself does not approve off or feel compelled to do things against your own will always giving into the will of what we call in the Christian circle “the flesh”. You know clearly the right thing you ought to do but every time you are faced with those circumstances you end up failing again.

Some stronghold cannot be identified by you, others see it clearly in you but you just don’t see it, that can be a very difficult state (since you need to first understand and admit that you are actually under a stronghold) but if you cannot see it yourself it can be difficult for you to see as others may notice.

Peace of mind and heart are clear indications that determine whether there is a stronghold present in your life. Many circumstances in life have the potential to take away your peace and joy and each situation can become a stronghold in your life if it’s not dealt with appropriately.

There are many strongholds that can exist in one’s life and they all have one thing in common they destroy your life and steal from you your joy and peace of mind and ultimately your relationship with God.

By now you may have identified a few strongholds in your life that have been rubbing you of your relationship with God, the greatest may be unbelief (if you have not received Jesus in your life),that you may like to know how to pull down and even destroy? Great! Now go to a priest of a pastor and let them anoint you and pray for you right?

Sorry to disappoint you, the fact is you may go to many priests and many pastors (maybe some of you already have) and notice that you still struggle with that strongholds. You ask, is there any hope? The answer is Yes!

To rid yourself from a strong hold you first need to identify the strong hold as we said earlier, by identity I mean genuinely know and understand that that this is the hindering force in your life. This is the Admit ion stage.

Upon admit ion we now move to a new level the place of Action. In 2Corinthians 10 3-6 Say “… We do not war after flesh” it also says that “… the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (natural) but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds casting down imaginations” .

We have already establish that strongholds are setup in your minds, they can neither be seen or touched ( they exist in a different realm the spirit realm). So that means we cannot fight them with conventional weapons but we can fight back using spiritual weapons.

Establishing the base of truth to pull down strongholds.

Why is this important? To fight you must have a base a place to launch your attack from. This base has to be secure beyond any shadow of doubt. That base is the truth of God Word and the weapons are his word(his word is as a double edge sword).

Using the truth of God word as your base or basis of judgment you need to pass every thought and ever imagination of your mind through this base for examination. When the ungodly desires come you need to say “are these good and wholesome thoughts according to the judgment of the word?”, or are they canal thoughts (selfish and destructive). If these thoughts are indeed canal thoughts then you destroy it by pulling it down using your weapon “The Word of God” e.g. You can say “You thought of lust I rebuke you in the name of Jesus” then ask for the Lords strength “ Father in the name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over my mind and I submit my will to the will Lord Jesus. Long before you know it, you are delivered walking in freedom from that stronghold. Why is that so? Because you allow in the truth of the word in your mind and you stifle the voice of the enemy.

Keep in the word since your mind is like a battle ground you must continue to fill it with the ammunition for the moment you stop replenishing your supplies the enemy will start closing in and take you captive back it is stronghold.

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