Two SOu cou yah in Roseau?

Humor & Folk Tales | June 9, 2009 | Comments 3

Judge for your self. Is that sou cou yah thing real?

Hundreds of people converged on a section of Hillsborough Street Monday afternoon to see what many claimed to be a superstitious phenomena taking place in the vicinity of Scotiabank.

An elderly woman and a female public servant were reportedly seen standing face to face since about midday.

According to reports, the public servant claimed that the elderly woman is a ‘soucouyant’ or witch and this is why she did not want to pass on her left side.

It is believed in Dominica folktales that if a woman is a soucouyant, no matter what the circumstances, she will not pass on the left side of a passerby.

author: dominicanewsonline

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3 thoughts on “Two SOu cou yah in Roseau?

  1. Christian

    Haha, the other woman didn’t want to pass the old woman’s left side either.


  2. The old woman has poor eyesight so she needs and uses the edge of the road as a guide/marker on her left side. Someone passing to her left will force her into the road where she might be hit by traffic. The same applies if the old woman is walking on her right side too, she doesn’t want people to walk to her right for the same reason.

  3. they should have left them there too see what to see what would happen.Or what they would have done!

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