How to make Soursop Tea

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Graviola (soursop, guanabana) tea

Graviola (Soursop) tea

Sour sop known to many as graviola or (spanish guanabana) has been know for ages for its medicinal uses and properties including treatment for sleep disorders, bedbugs, fevers, cough etc.

However recently there has been an increase in the demand for this graviola fruit due to its recently discovered medicinal value which some studies suggest that graviola may be used in the treatment/cure for cancer.

One of the question ask by many is, “how to make sour sop tea” using the sour sop leaves.

Here I will explain how it has been done traditional.

1 Serving.

How to make Soursop Tea for Medicinal uses

1.  Pick 2- 3 sour sop leaves from the sour sop tree (if you have access to one), Ensure that the leaves are not too mature. The mature leaves are normally deeper green in color. The idea is to get sour sop leaves that are in great shape

2.   Add 1 cup of water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.

3.  Cut the sour sop leaves into smaller pieces by tearing it apart; each leaf in three pieces.

4.  Place the gravoila (sour sop) leaves in your tea cup (glass, cup) and pour the boiling water on it then cover for 30mins – 1 hour ( this process is commonly called drawing the tea).

5.  Drink warm or cold – you may add sugar and milk for taste.

Note: The senor folks always tell me “do not pick bush for tea after 6: pm when the sun is down” I don’t know why, but it may be a good thing to note.

91 thoughts on “How to make Soursop Tea

  1. Jay in Costa Rica

    I have read sour sop prohibits rapid growth of cells – like in cancer. However, it should not be used by a pregnant women. It is native to Costa Rica; some people eat it daily for years. Excessive use can lead to nerve damage. I use the fruit in shakes several times each month.

  2. I am a 100 percent beleiver of sour sop is so sad that so many lifes have been taken by cancer.and the use of medicine ..i had a liver tumor i drank 1 sour sop tea bad a day went back for a second mri tumor was gone it works..i personally could tell you that it does i am living proof ..god bless all that have cancer and by all means fight it and you will beat it

    1. Robert, Im so glad for you ! I believe that many medicines or herbal origin are covered up and not utilised to thei full capacity. It’s great to know about and would utilise it myself as a preventative measure..but where is safe to buy this..the genuine soursop for tea? There are too many exploiters out there

  3. Instead of sour sop leaves, some cancer patients had tried using alocasia macrorrhiza and had achieved good results. Their compliant is its acridity. Don’t worry, it is caused by the calcium oxalate present in the tubers’ skin. Long heating can take care of it. As they are also a source of DHEA( dehydrolised epiandrosterone) I had planted several hundred thousands biodynamically. I invite bona fide jv partners to exploit them together

  4. I think, to accelerate cancer relief and/or healing using sour sop leaves, add in juice from and/or mangosteen which are anti cancer, anti microbial, anti hiv, anti ageing, and make our blood alkaline. Also take deep breaths( breathing in by the count of eight and exhaling by the count of ten. Also drink alkaline water. I have a “self healing” method for any health problem. I can share with someone who believe in me and at his/her own risk

  5. Sour sop leaves are noticed to be some 10,000 times as potent as chemo. Can anyone get the WHO involved, so that the poor cancer patients do not lose their money and lives plus the sufferings to enrich some others?

  6. I think it is best taking sour sop fruits or tea from the trees grown in a biodynamic manner as the plants absorb herbicides, heavy metals, pesticides. I use bio pesticides, bio fungicides, bio nutrients from microbs and planted them onto soil imported from virgin forest for best results.

  7. if I try 2 cups of sour sop tree leafs a day would I get well faster

  8. The reason for not picking the leaves after 6 p.m. is that the trees are thought to go into sleep mode at that time. and are therefore not at their maximum strength.

  9. S. Muktar

    I have read all through on how to make the sour sop tea.
    I don’t know the plant and I cannot find it here in Gombe state,Nigeria. I don’t know if you could assist in telling me where to find d plant here in Nigeria, specific.

    Thank you .

    1. send me an email at will help you with the leaves.

  10. Alanza Ajah

    It is really working for I heard of a woman that had a concer and a nursing sister testify to us in a lifesyle promotion program in Bukuru plateau state Nigeria, that she has used the soursop to treat that patient who is well today. So is real and it works.

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