How to make Soursop Tea

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Graviola (soursop, guanabana) tea

Graviola (Soursop) tea

Sour sop known to many as graviola or (spanish guanabana) has been know for ages for its medicinal uses and properties including treatment for sleep disorders, bedbugs, fevers, cough etc.

However recently there has been an increase in the demand for this graviola fruit due to its recently discovered medicinal value which some studies suggest that graviola may be used in the treatment/cure for cancer.

One of the question ask by many is, “how to make sour sop tea” using the sour sop leaves.

Here I will explain how it has been done traditional.

1 Serving.

How to make Soursop Tea for Medicinal uses

1.  Pick 2- 3 sour sop leaves from the sour sop tree (if you have access to one), Ensure that the leaves are not too mature. The mature leaves are normally deeper green in color. The idea is to get sour sop leaves that are in great shape

2.   Add 1 cup of water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.

3.  Cut the sour sop leaves into smaller pieces by tearing it apart; each leaf in three pieces.

4.  Place the gravoila (sour sop) leaves in your tea cup (glass, cup) and pour the boiling water on it then cover for 30mins – 1 hour ( this process is commonly called drawing the tea).

5.  Drink warm or cold – you may add sugar and milk for taste.

Note: The senor folks always tell me “do not pick bush for tea after 6: pm when the sun is down” I don’t know why, but it may be a good thing to note.

93 thoughts on “How to make Soursop Tea

  1. tracyanntippetts

    It is known by tha old mayan healers to pick the leafs of an erb in the day time from sun ip to sun down because that is when the sap is runing thruogh the plant and if you ar going to use the root then the best time is in the night time because the sap returns to the roots at night wile the plant sleeps.

  2. Diane Barrios

    this is interesting. i recommend markizza soursop juice on amazon. the taste is just perfect.

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