Breadfruit Salad Recipe

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Breadfruit Salad Recipe

Breadfruit Salad

Breadfruit Salad Recipe
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  • 1 breadfruit
  • Left meat or fish
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs – grated
  • 2 oz cheese – grated
  • 1 oz beans per person
  • Pumpkin or carrots
  • Chopped parsley, celery, onion, oil and vinegar for salad dressing


Cut breadfruit into quarters, wash and put to boil with skins. Remove from fire; peel and dice cook beans and pumpkin. Make salad dressing with vinegar, oil, garlic and salt. Mix breadfruit with peas and pumpkin and chopped seasoning. Add sauce and mix well then add grated egg and cheese. This recipe can be done with breadfruit using Avocado dressing with stewed beans as a side dish.

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